Welcome to TeesRep


What is TeesRep?
TeesRep is the institutional research repository for Teesside University. It is an open access digital archive of research by Teesside University researchers, including a mixture of full-text items and metadata only records for outputs including journal articles, books, book chapters, conference papers and theses.


Who can submit to TeesRep?
Teesside University has a mandate that requires research active staff to deposit in TeesRep. If you have co-authored papers with researchers outside of Teesside, these can still be added to TeesRep under our deposit agreement. For a full outline of TeesRep policies, please consult the TeesRep main policy document

You can find our more information about TeesRep from our LibGuide.

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If you have any enquiries about TeesRep content please get in touch with us at TeesRep.Team@tees.ac.uk